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You are amazing!

This week's collage of photos from last week's contributions till Sunday is amazing. It is very diverse, very intense, beautiful. The photographs, words, paintings, collage, arts and crafts were beautifully done and represent each a step taken to change our minds and enjoy creating. It's inspirational.

I can only encourage all of you to try something new, spend a bit of time to do some art and craft and share it. You can try painting, or taking a photograph. Manipulate the image online. Looking at your plants in your flat or garden, and enjoy them change and grow. Look at colours and shapes and imagine stories. It is the best time to explore a part of you who you have not yet met. Why not try an origami or paper cutting. Write a poem, a few words about your feelings, or try glass painting or make a fragrant candle. It may take several attempts, the result may not be what you had envisaged. Doing something which takes you outside of your comfort zone will always be rewarding, it will bring long lasting memories and a better understanding of who you are. We should not underestimate the healing power of art and craft, especially as we lead our lives in front of screens, especially as we live in confined spaces, especially as we need to interact and share with others, especially as we need ways to get a certain harmony in our weeks.

It will be rewarding to you as it is rewarding to us looking at it! So go for it, and share!

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Eva Adams
Eva Adams
Apr 09, 2020

You are so right about the healing power of art. It allows us to slow down enough to focus on just one thing. In the quiet we can listen to our own voices which for so long have been drowned out by noise and the rush of ‘normal’ life.

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