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Why don't we continue?

In many countries, lockdown is not as strict as it has been so far. We are entering a transition period where not everything is defined, especially not the duration of this transition. We can only hope that the virus will not affect us, and it will finally be beaten and let us enjoy full freedom again.

In the meantime, if you want, we can carry on with posting our art and craft projects. It's a Friday Art Club, so it's a time to wind down your week, what ever fills your week. It may be work, home schooling still, job hunt, a break, webinar sessions... Let's not stop dreaming. Let's not stop creating. Let's not stop trying a new technique. Let's not stop explore a new part of us.

Like the picture below, from Dali "The persistence of memory", we can use art and craft as a way to forget time, and visit our memories.

Why not try your own interpretation of time? As usual posts are expected by Friday, so we can post at the week-end.

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