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Week #5 just started!

This is the start of a new week. Week #5 already! You may have settled into a routine by now, and have already planned your art and craft project for this week. You may have chosen the material, the subject, the technique. But you may also be bored, and wanting to do something away from screens. You may have had too many zoom parties, too many movies, too many games, too many news.

So it's the perfect time to be bored. It's the perfect time to think and dream. It's the perfect time to use your phone only to take photos. Just for one hour.

Why not look for inspiration in your memory? Try to think of a nice moment from the past. It may be triggered by any of your five senses.

A famous French writer, Marcel Proust, once wrote a beautiful piece about a little piece of madeleine he tasted and which reminded him of so much of his past. Why not try yourself to remember, through taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell, to bring back memories which may otherwise seem buried deep inside you? Then transport this feeling on a piece of paper and draw your own "madeleine", or what you feel about it, or what it is representing to you.

As we tend to live in the "now" moment, through social medias, news and the fast pace of our lives, we forget to remember, to dream and to loose ourselves in boredom.

Why not taking one hour to disconnect this week and fly back inside your memory?

Express yourself, through a photo, words, paint... When, in the future, you will reflect on the time of isolation, you will remember this instant with a smile. Like if you were eating a madeleine with a cup of tea.

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