Week #3 just started! So what's your project?

Many thanks for the beautiful contributions which we received last week and throughout the week-end. So much creation, so many ideas, so much beauty. As week #3 starts, today was a day to think of a new theme, a new technique, a new material. Will you write a poem? a song? some music? do a painting? draw? sew? knit?

If you have not yet decided, why not try paper cutting. Sunday morning, some snow flakes fell. Not many, but just a few which reminded me of a paper cutting technique which I used a very long time ago. Nice childhood memories! You can also make flowers too and quite a few other designs. Some really look like lace and are quite sophisticated. And some others are very easy. There are loads of resources online, and some examples are: (see image below)

There is an endless set of resources online, in the form of videos, or paper instructions. So go ahead, get paper and scissors and start cutting!


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