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Week #2 just started - ready, steady, go!

Hi all!

Many thanks for all your contributions! They are fab! Very diverse and so inspirational! See the collage. They have also been posted to the Facebook account ( and Instagram account Fridayart.Club

Start of week 2 today! Remember if you want to structure your week:

- Monday: plan a technique, skill you want to learn, continue a project, think of a theme, a project.

- Tuesday through to Friday: do the art project! Enjoy, dream, get inspired, creat!

- Friday: post!

Of course, if you see an urge post before, share your progress and your art! We are all in this together. Keep safe, indoor, and think of all those who are working hard to keep us safe, medical staff, scientists, supermarket supply chain, food chain, garbage collectors, banks, IT people... they all rock! We need our lives and the economy going! And keep dreaming!

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