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Wednesday already! Why not doodle?

Some of you will already be working on your project, and please carry on! We can't wait to see all your works at the end of the week. Also, I have already shared a few early contributions through Instagram and Facebook.

But others will still be thinking about what to do. A way to express ourselves which has not yet been shown through the projects received so far is doodling. I am a great adept of doodles. It's a way to fix my attention. It's a way to focus my mind on what my brain cannot get by just listening to. I have always doodled, and my meeting notes are full of many doodles, including geometric shapes of all kinds, with internal patterns, smiley faces, a combination of both, flowers... The doodles do not relate to the notes. They do not relate (I think) to what I hear, they seem to express a part of my brain which is not concerned by the meeting at all! A bit like automatic writing. But they allow me to progress with my memory. A bit like a mind map. Or some visual memory cards. If you have not yet tried, you should try doodling!

I include below a doodle I found online (from Pinterest: which would probably be the type of doodle I could typically do. There are other types shown online, some more sophisticated than others. So, if you have not tried doodling before, surf online for inspiration, and just set your mind free, with a pen in your hand and start doodling! Why not listenning to a piece of music you love at the same time? And don't forget to send your piece of art on Friday or post it to the Facebook Group:

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