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This is week #4

So today, Monday is the start of a new week. Week #4 of our creation in isolation. The contributions over the last three weeks have been amazing. They have been so inspirational, they have allowed to discover a part of you which was not well-known maybe, try a new thing, look at the world with a different eye.

As the first day of the week is finishing, you should have thought of a technique, and a theme for your week's art and craft project. Have you planned already?

If you are still looking for ideas, what about still nature? Go to your fridge or fruit basket, pick up one fruit, two fruits, a selection of fruits and vegetables. Try to set a scene, with kitchen accessories. Design what you see with a pencil, with paint, with a ball-pen. Take a photo, look at the best light, best setting. Try several times, with different angles, different fruit arrangements. Use filters or not. Manipulate images or not. Draw, paint, try to copy what you see. Or completely interpret the image before you. Divert colours, change shapes, and textures. Try different designs or different techniques. Use different styles. Go through old photos taken in trips or in the past, in search for a still nature. Looking through your photos will bring memories back. It will remind you of the smell of a lemon, the taste of a peach, or the sweetness of a sun ripe tomato. And just go ahead! Work on your art and craft project!

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