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Things are relative.

Perception is as important as the content. Art and craft are a way of expression; as we know the way the message is conveyed has as much importance as the message itself.

Luigi Pirandello, Italian writer, Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1934 once famously said: "A fact is like a sack - it won't stand up if it's empty. To make it stand up, first you have to put in it all the reasons and feelings that caused it in the first place."

As we express ourselves in art and craft, I think this quote is still very valid. When we describe what we see, and express it in a drawing, painting, poem or any other form of art, this project does not only carry beauty, it carries "all the reasons and feelings that caused it in the first place". It carries the emotions that one has experienced, the details that one has seen, the light and colours that our mind witnesses at this time.

A painter who challenges what we see and the way we see it is Rene Magritte. His perception of things can sometimes be puzzling. For instance, in his painting "The False Mirror", what do you see?

Now it your turn to present what you see of the world, from your own perspective. Everything is relative.

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