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Painting is not easy.

My very first paintings were done around 1988/1989, when I started experimenting the techniques in using oils (not acrylics). Oils are difficult to use, because they take a long time to dry, and starting to paint without knowing the techniques will be challenging. Back then I must have made about 15 paintings, all from photos. After that first period, I must have made a handful more (around 3 to 5).

The black and white girl painting of Friday Art Club (see the Instagram account; is one of the most difficult paintings I made in 1989. It took me at least 4 to 5 times to repaint the girl's face to get it right. The painting was made out of photograph I found in a book about Photo Techniques.

The technique I used was:

1. select a subject, usually a photo.

2. draw squares with a pencil over the photo (1cm size).

3. draw square on a canvas, with the right proportions.

4. make a drawing of the photo on the canvas.

5. paint over the canvas following the drawing.

of course selecting and mixing colours is also a technique that requires mastering.

This or next week I will paint an "eye", after nearly 25 years I made my last painting. I'm sure this will take a few hours to do, not tens of minutes ....

Enjoy the day and the week. We'll see you this Friday for your piece of contribution, mainly helping you to overcome COVID-19 stress ... ciao

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