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It's already Tuesday of a new week...

Last week, many of you contributed with a variety of projects, some space based, some others with a different theme, but all beautiful. As we are at the end of Tuesday already, I hope you all have now a plan for this week. What photo will you take? what drawing will you make? what project will you do?

If you are still wondering what could inspire you, I believe nature is an endless source of inspiration. Since it is spring time, it's the time for flowers, fruits, new leaves, bringing many colours around us. We may not be able to see all those colours as we have to stay indoors, but we have images from our past, images from our windows, images from the web. Maybe it's even the time to order a plant, or a bunch of flowers for yourself to celebrate spring and use it as a source of inspiration. Let's get our imagination flow...

Another way to connect to nature, is through the paintings of famous painters who may inspire us. May these be Van Gogh's sunflowers or irises, Monet's lilies, Hosukai Bullfinch on Weeping Cherry (illustrating below), Klimt, Durer, Renoir and many other painters have been inspired by flowers.

So, if you have not yet found a topic, here it is! Pick your flowers, stage them in a vase, in a field, with details around them, and bring the magnificent colours of nature. You can draw, paint, use a ballpen, write a poem, computer manipulation, try different styles... I can't wait for your projects on Friday!

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