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It is mid-week already - what's your Friday project?

The week seems to go fast in some ways and slower in others, as we are contemplating isolation. Did you realise that we are already two days away from Friday? Have you planned already for your piece of art? Have you chosen your technique? Are you going to draw, design, paint, sew, knit, origami, paper craft, writing, song, music...? Have you thought of a theme? If you are still thinking, why not pick a museum painting, and get your own version? For instance, visit the Google Arts and Gallery site:, pick a piece of art in one of museums shown in virtual tours, get inspired and do your own. Four years ago (already!), I visited an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London which displayed many imaginative versions of the Birth of Venus from Botticelli: and I was impressed by the variety of interpretations. During our first week, Emily, 7 got inspired by Hokusai's wave and produced her own digital version. Pick up a piece of art which inspires you, and get your own art project going! And don't forget to send it to or post it on the Facebook group Invite others to join you in this and do their own version too! (Photo credit @Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

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