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How is your art and craft project progressing?

It's mid-week of week #6! Have you thought of a project? Have you started already to work on a project? If you have not got a project yet for this week, if you have not considered a photo, or carried out a project from last week, there is still time to create!

As some will celebrate Ramadan (wishing all those Ramadan Mubarak), I thought we could look into the geometric pattern which ornate the Islamic pieces of art. If you have not yet chosen your art and craft project, why not try these geometric designs? Running a quick search on images on your favourite browser will deliver many examples, to get inspired from. There are many different levels of complexity, and therefore anyone can find a pattern to reproduce, get inspired from, arrange, paint, assemble in collage, draw, knit, crochet, sew... So there is no excuse! Go ahead and leave your computer screen, social medias and film streaming platforms, and get creative!

And don't forget to share in the Facebook Group ( or by sending the work to I look forward to it!

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