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Happy Easter & Passover. Spring is here!

I have been once more impressed by all the beautiful contributions for this week. Given it's a busy week-end for celebrations, posts are welcome till tomorrow evening for being part in this week's collage!

So if you have not yet thought of something, look outside your window and observe how nature has taken over. Can you hear birds singing louder? They may be in social distancing themselves, because without the noise of cars, they can sing to each other from larger distances I am sure! Can you see all these flowers and trees blossoming? Can you feel the sky becoming warmer?

Today, as I was walking the dog, I noted this beautiful white tree in the park. White is typically a colour for snow, for winter, for cold. It's impressive how nature can explode like fireworks and what could be white and soft, cotton-like, snowflakes accumulating on the tree are actually flowers.

So happy Sunday, Easter & Passover. Happy Nature! Spring is here! Celebrate nature!

Post your art and craft on the Facebook group or send it at

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