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Friday is the day!

As we complete a second week of isolation, Friday is the day that we are expecting to receive your art project, so we can post it to Facebook, Instagram and this website. If your week has been too busy to progress on your project, you still have time to contribute! Get inspired by the nature through your window... pick up a pencil and try running your mind free... pick up an old photo and use effects on your computer or your mobile... post the art project even if not finished yet, we'll follow your progression... or try a simple origami... we are already very excited with what we will receive ! Last week, Robert sent a beautiful flower bouquet in origami. I've posted some new pictures of it on the site, Instagram and Facebook.

Let your mind flow... an easy origami butterfly takes 3 minutes to do and there is a YouTube video to guide you! do a few with any paper, really, colour them... take a photo and send it to - who knows your butterflies may find their ways to get on the flowers!

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