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"Eye" Art - week 2 (see previous post for video)

Last week I tried my first eye drawing for the Friday Art Club. It took me less than 30 minutes. I think it's the best I ever done, but not a really good drawing of an eye when I see what others can do (see below). A great eye drawing can take many hours of patient work, and the results are extraordinary.

Thus, I want to improve on it and I will try again this week, maybe taking more patient time, and also using another type of medium such as using pastels, or coloured pencils.

This week, I will post here (on the side) another video which shows you how to draw an eye. This video, and many others, you can find them on instagram; just search for "eye art" or "eye drawing"; you will land on repositories like #eyeart.

Last week we received more than 50 art pieces.

What will you do this week? Send it to us on Friday, or over the weekend, and we will post it here.

Stay home to be safe from COVID-19, but be active. Including keeping our mind active and making art (or something similar) will help you.

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