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Express yourself

Another week is about to finish. For those who still find time, in their busy lives, to spend time for themselves and work on their art project, we look forward to receive it tomorrow.

If you have not yet thought of something, here it is. This time, rather than a piece of visual art, I wanted to bring music and singing from one of my favourite artists.

Angelique Kidjo, from Benin, is a singer, a song writer, an actress and an activist ( She is an incredible woman. She a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She not only produces great art, but she also raises important issues, for instance campaigning for Africa for women rights and on climate change (

Art helps us express our feelings and our opinions. Art helps us convey our views, who we are and what we value.

What is your project? What do you want to express? How do you feel about the world?

So, stop for an hour and express yourself and don't forget to share it with us by sending at or posting on Facebook:

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