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Drawing Eyes

Below is a photos of 4 weeks of drawing eyes for the Friday Art Club. I have never drawn eyes like this before and I always thought it would be difficult. But through Instagram I discovered many artists that draw just eyes, and many of these draw or paint very beautiful eyes. So I have given myself the aim to learn how to draw these eyes. Through Instagram I am also learning the techniques, the most difficult parts for me are the eye lashes (and likely the shadows around the eye); it's not easy to draw these.

The first piece below was made on a black and white table (max 30 minutes), second and forth one using pencil colours (approximately 1 to 1.5 hours), the third one using oil pastels (about 30 minutes). You see, it doesn't take long once you master the technique.

My next eye is to use oil or acrylic paint. Maybe I'll do a Picasso technique :))

I hope that you are putting yourself some aims for your art project and learning something new.

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